Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Dictatorship Has Arrived

Ransom Notes Radio
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So, um. . . Maybe we won’t implement that whole employer Obamacare mandate right now. The Obama administration has decided it’s going to hold off on the mandate (well. . . Not the individual mandate) until after the next election. Oh, and Ransom declared war on the Obama Admin. (Specifically: He’s looking at how to sue Obama, and his administration.)
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Show Prep:
Big three:
Well, well, well. . . When it comes to getting Democrats elected, it seems the White House is willing to put off some of the more unpopular portions of Obamacare. (Of course, the individual mandate isn’t being postponed.)

ADP. . . Let’s get some good news:
Well. . . Brace yourself for this one: Gas prices might be going up.
Other News:
In all fairness, Obama did tell us his plans would spike energy prices:
You really have to admire the way the US Media covers for Obama’s incompetence:
But heck yeah. . . Let’s legalize millions more:
A student was told to remove her cross necklace, because it might “offend” other students. . . Hasn’t the whole vampire craze kinda blown over yet?

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