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Use of Psychiatry to screen for gun registration annually

Use of Psychiatry to screen for gun registration annually
December 18, 2012

[Ed Note: This video  is certainly antiquated and historically  true of a limited and localized period of time and locality  in which the labeling of people done routinely in the legal system with adversarial proceedings and objective jury determination, would be done by a arbitrary and capricious determination of one or at most two psychiatrists who would have a bag of disorders that would label people instantaneously and led to justification for the incarceration, drugs, and homicide and  sterilization, and genocide.

That is why psychiatrists ran the gulags, and ran the concentration camps, the need for the label to be put on them and then justified the action is very cheap very quick and simple without need of appeal or any action. That is why FEMA camps will be run by psychiatrists. Russia was thrown out of the World Psychiatric Association because in the 1940 era they were doing that very thing.

However, the “wish is the father of the data” and this is a clear propaganda piece in which a detail of a hundred years of psychiatry is take to be the whole and a broad brush is applied. The psychiatry after the 1940 period is a strong trend to stop this action in my lifetime and move to more educational basis of work and later sophisticated drug work.

Before psychiatry, there was the Spanish Inquisition of Christian board of three monks the Witches Hammer Sprenger and Kramer : Maleus Malefactorum  was written as a text of that and these people were labeled as heretics and burned at the stake for the same reasons in using Christian terminology. They were labeled criminals and in the US all Penitentiary/Mental Hospital were labeled the same and put in the same institutions and treated the same way . Only in the 1920 did that stop.

Only a window of time between 1940 and 1980 did psychiatry become one of privacy confidentiality and drug free learning about coping skills through the long and arduous task of free association and listening and allowing the development of the person to emerge over years of time. This was begun by the work of a Jewish Doctor Sigmund Freud. The whole idea is the mind of man is perverse, violent, and destructive yet those ideas are seldom the product of a plan and let alone behavior. People will simply express desires to kill, suicide, genocide and use it as a sports cry and shout letting it out in football, wrestling and boxing. This discharge en mass the violent nature of people that is part of the human nature from the beginning. If there is a way to genocidal breed for that , the elimination of the human species would be the only way to do it.

Likewise the analytic approach does NOT label people and does NOT record and tattoo them with a "diagnosis" that becomes their identity and does not let these violent impulses and ideas become a part of the social and public record.

Nowhere in a new era of labeling for the purpose of persecution by psychiatrist and labeling virtually all human behavior as a disorder.

That puts the power of the Spanish Inquisition back into the hands of psychiatrist, the priest and ministers don't have the stomach for it. Soon in 9/13 Bluffdale will begin a new type of blackmail, extortion and data/economic slavery in the world  who will motivate people to prevent exposure of some indiscretion in the youth brought to bear by cradle to grave dossiers.

The Germans required the Star of David to label the Jewish people, now labeling is racially equal opportunity standard it applies to everybody. There is not a person that cannot be labeled by a psychiatrist which he uses to get paid in the internet / insurance program and justifies some kind of drug for the profits of his employer, the pharmaceutical industry. The OIA gets their benefit by having a permanent label of a electronic tattoo whereas before it was tattoo on the physical arm of the person. Much cheaper, permanent and much quicker and the people doing the tattoo thinks that they are helping the people as they are helping themselves and the State Police.

AIDS/HIV and Cocaine/Heroin manufacture by the central committee through operations Phoenix in SE Asia and Columbia and Nixon/Kissinger’s Ft Dietrich Maryland facility of bio warfare, was to make drugs illegal and use them to persecute and incarcerate undesirables for the drugs that were imported by the CIA from there and Afghanistan and use HIV as selective biowar on black, drug users, and homosexuals.

They then started to say "treatment was needed" to help these people to round them up and label them and that they caused in the first place so that the REHAB programs would be funded with insurance and become Sub Rosa Covert CI's e.g. confidential informants so that they would incarcerate, label, identify track and reveal to all criminal agencies their locations and associates etc. The REHAB staff would willing report via internet all the data and become the Officers of the Court for the cash they were being paid and think the propaganda that they were "doing good" for the rehab of their patients was the governments motive.

This is a Pro Gun Advocate propaganda film made by those who are aware that the mechanism of REHAB Psychiatric treatment evaluation and labeling of gun owners/buyers is the quickest easiest way to eliminate guns sustainably and without any modification of the Amendment II or Constitutional or Congressional approval. By simple Executive Order a sweep of the pen for  Law of Emergency setting aside the "constitutional basis" for national security and through HIPPA the President has in his control make a few detail changes in the screening protocol to be the same as the Human Reliability Program [HRP] and it is done deal. All that is necessary is to create a Drug evaluation specialist sub-specialty of psychiatry administratively under federal control ,e.g. HRP, for determination if the person has or has had in any time in past a drug related problem or impulsive aggressive behavior and all of the people a have and report it to Bluffdale and they would need a annual renewal permit to buy or own guns, just like drivers license renewal which requires medical/psychiatric examination. The report of involuntary hospitalization or felony is grossly inadequate for the standard to allow use of guns.

The Gun Lobby is well aware of the power of psychiatrists and that is the animus behind the propaganda film that was produced here no doubt to invalidate the necessity of every one that has aggressive impulses to need a gun is evaluated annually by a federal approved psychiatrist to see if they have a Aggressive Behavior Disorder or in the formative stages. If it is used for cars ,airplanes, and military pilots why not guns?

By definition a person who wants to have a gun of any kind is an aggressive person who is anticipating the use of the gun for lethal purposes and is therefore an a priori feature of the disorder Aggressive Behavior Disorder which once made in Bluffdale computers is a lifetime tattoo for the person to never have a gun registered or bought and remove the exception of gun shows that sell them with no check at all.

As a Human Reliability Officer {HRP} as Psychiatrist in USAF I was checking all SAC pilots of atomic device delivery, the federal standards included not only political dissent, emotional instability, religious belief, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, impending heart attack or stroke, cancer, homosexual impulse, sexual promiscuity, and membership in religious organization that were not on the approved list. Every year there was a renewal and any time I could have disqualified any pilot from flying using a lethal weapon as a B52 SAC airplane was necessary for him to be assigned to a desk job.

This same protocol could really be readily applied to all gun owners who may have thoughts or experience of any of these things from birth to present time of buying/registering a lethal weapon.

My option, though now obsolete, is to retain the private confidential communication between of people and myself, to not label them, and not report them to the Bluffdale unit as a Officer of the Court and see the circumstances leading to the work as a transitory event in history and not determinative of any social, political, or economic labeling that has no predictive relevance at all carrying the medical misnomer of a "diagnosis" to brand people while they are trying to get help. In today's society, that brand is equally if not more damaging to the people than the physical atrocities of these antiquated films, but the animus of the society, governments, and some psychiatrists using the high tech methods is remaining the same.

Arden Gifford, MD
American Board of Psychiatry
Addiction Psychiatry]

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