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Obama’s Planned War on China Could be Stymied in the Philippines

Obama’s Planned War on China Could be Stymied in the Philippines

by Mike Billington

Feb. 19 — President Barack Obama’s intention to impose the British Empire’s thermonuclear war policy against Asia has rested in part on his “tilt” toward Asia – a tilt which is entirely directed towards economic and military confrontation with China (see “Brits, Obama Push World War Against Russia and China,” During his trip to Asia in November, Obama announced two primary military deployments designed to facilitate a war on China — the establishment of huge military bases in Australia, out of range of Chinese missiles, and the reintroduction of Air, Naval and Marine bases in the Philippines. The Philippine bases are crucial as a take off point for air and sea assaults against the mainland of China, under the “Air-Sea Battle” military doctrine recently adopted by the Obama Administration.

There is one problem – the deployment of foreign military bases in the Philippines is explicitly forbidden in the Philippine Constitution.

To solve that pesky impediment, Obama has called upon his faithful puppet currently occupying the Philippine Presidency, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, to impose a virtual dictatorship upon the nation, by destroying the Supreme Court – the only institution which could stop the effort to rip up the Constitution and turn the Philippines into a military base, and canon fodder, in the intended war on China.

President Aquino is the son of Cory Aquino, who was placed in office as Presdident of the Philippines in 1986 following the military coup against the nation’s last nationalist leader, Ferdinand Marcos, a “regime change” that was orchestrated by U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz and his Deputy Paul Wolfowitz. As President, Cory faithfully followed the dictates from Washington, shutting down the industrial and agricultural programs Marcos had implemented to transform the Philippines into a modern nation, including the first nuclear power plant in Southeast Asia, a dozen industrial projects, and a rice self-sufficiency program.

The nation has never recovered, and is now totally destitute, within an Asian region which is otherwise experiencing significant progress despite the global economic crisis.
Aquino and Obama – Rip Up the Constitution

President Aquino’s assault against the Supreme Court takes the form of an impeachment of the Chief Justice Renato Corona. There is a degree of pure personal corruption involved on Aquino’s part — the Court recently ruled that the national land reform policy must be implemented at the vast sugar plantation owned by President Aquino and his family, Hacienda Luisita. But the primary purpose is to prevent any discussion of the unconstitutional and suicidal intention of Aquino and Obama to use the nation as a base for world war.

The Supreme Court once before stymied a government plan, under former President Gloria Arroyo, to make part of the southern island of Mindanao an autonomous region under control of certain factions of the Muslim community living there. The fact that this deal would have given the autonomous government the power to allow foreign military bases (contrary to the national Constitution) was one crucial reason for the Supreme Court’s decision to forbid the deal.

Now, Aquino and Obama are implementing the basing policy through outright dictatorial means, attempting to castrate the Supreme Court while preventing the issue from even being discussed in the Congress (which is largely controlled by the President, especially the House). The entire nation is caught up in the melodrama of an impeachment trial now going on in the Senate, and there is virtually no discussion of the illegality of the blatant move to establish the U.S. bases. To add farce to insanity, both Aquino and Obama are claiming that the deployment of advanced naval warships and air power, as well as more marine bases (some moving from the current bases in Okinawa), are not “bases” at all, but only “temporary” visits on a “rotating” basis. A similar subterfuge has been used to explain the hundreds of marines based in Mindanao to aid in the war on terrorist elements – “temporarily” there for the past ten years!
Backfire — Impeach Aquino?

There is mounting resistance, especially since the impeachment trial has shown that the prosecution, openly sponsored and promoted by the President (another overt breach of the Constitutional separation of powers), has no evidence of wrong doing, and has even presented banking documents (aimed at showing the Chief Justice had unexplained wealth) which were exposed as fraudulent by the prosecution’s own witness!

The organization “Solidarity for Sovereignty,” co-founded by Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society, intervened in the impeachment farce by organizing a series of prayer vigils at the Supreme Court, calling on the Chief Justice and the Catholic Church (and other religious organizations) to fight the impeachment by defending the Constitution, rather than simply defending the Chief Justice himself against contrived charges.

Valdes, speaking on his weekly radio show Sunday night Feb. 19, said in regard to the Aquino-Obama military deals: “The secrecy of this agreement and its dire implications may also be a principal reason as to why [Aquino] is hell-bent on controlling the judiciary as a defacto dictator – so he would not have to explain to the Filipino people why he has placed the lives of 97 million in harm’s way. It should be known to all, including Noynoy supporters, that the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona, is not merely about the Hacienda Luisita, nor [former President] Gloria M. Arroyo, but more importantly about putting all our lives at risk at a time when a global thermonuclear war is imminent. It is our duty to assert our sovereignty as a people, not to be used by any foreign interest, especially a clinically insane American leader, as dispensable human beings in their deadly plan to burn the world.”

Others are speaking out. Former Senator Kit Tatad, who is now a leading advisor to the Vice President Jejomar Binay (Joe Biden, are you listening?)has called for the impeachment not of the Chief Justice, but of President Aquino, for his blatant attack on the Constitutional separation of powers. Tatad wrote in an op-ed in the Manila Times Feb. 14 that the last straw was the revelation that the President’s Executive Secretary “started asking individual senators, in the name of the President, not to honor the Supreme Court’s Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on the opening of [Chief Justice] Corona’s alleged dollar account at the Philippine Savings Bank…. [S]ome senators, speaking in the strictest confidence, revealed having received a call from the Executive Secretary allegedly to transmit an urgent personal request from the President that they not honor the TRO. This suggests a constitutional crime of incalculable magnitude, given the President’s oath of office…. No president should ever inveigh against the law, and ask other government officials to defy the law or an order of the highest court, based on its interpretation of the law, just because he does not like or agree with it…. By this very act, PNoy may have rendered himself completely impeachable and unfit to continue in office. He may have placed himself not just above the law but against the law, the exact opposite of what a president should be.”

Chief Justice Corona himself also went public with a call for the President’s impeachment, issuing a public letter stating that “the President has clearly committed an impeachable offense when he came out swinging by openly urging the Senator-Judges to disobey the Constitution he has personally sworn to uphold.”
People’s Power?

President Aquino has attempted to mount a repeat of the “People’s Power” which was used to overthrow Marcos and install his Mother as a puppet President. But despite his support in opinion polls, no one showed up. While the Solidarity for Sovereignty and other organizations rallied 5,000 people to the Supreme Court to defend the Constitution, Aquino’s call for a mass People’s Party rally in favor of his attempt to seize all power flopped, with only 200 people showing up.

Nonetheless, on February 26, in celebration of the 1986 People’s Power, Aquino is calling for a million people to come to the national park in Manila. There are concerns that Aquino could use the occasion to declare a national emergency, to force the issue he is losing in the impeachment process.

President Obama, meanwhile, is praising Aquino for “fighting corruption,” using dictatorial methods much admired by Obama.

If the Filipino people rise to this historic occasion, exposing the criminal and suicidal crimes of their President in his collaboration with Obama, then this small nation could help stop a rush for global war which threatens the very existence of civilization as we know it.

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