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A WORLD AT ITS WITS' END: The End of the World's Wars!

The following is the introduction to a report titled A WORLD AT ITS WITS’ END: The End of the World’s Wars! by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.. The full article, appearing in the current issue of EIR, can be found at
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The End of the World's Wars!

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 22, 2011

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A Crucial Reflection

The end of the nations' wars, or the end of man? "That," dear Shakespeare, "is the question!"

The operation which the British are setting into motion at this time, is not only "a new Seven Years War"! It is the intention to launch a virtually global thermonuclear war in the immediate time ahead. How many silly fools are going to fall for this criminal scheme of Britain and its puppet, President Barack Obama? It probably would be the immediate unleashing of a thermonuclear "Armageddon," a thermonuclear world war set off in what is called "The Holy Land."

In 1983, when the Soviet Union's Yuri Andropov had foolishly rejected U.S. President Ronald Reagan's proffer of a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), I warned, that if Moscow continued to reject the SDI proffer, the Soviet system would collapse in "about five years." It did, exactly as I had warned repeatedly in a message by me, as presented by U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and that not once, but twice.

So about five years after Andropov's rejection of the SDI, the Soviet system's East Germany partner, the German Democratic Republic (DDR), collapsed, and, immediately following that, the Soviet-linked eastern European partners, fell, too. Then, promptly, came the collapse of the Soviet Union itself.

On the record, in fact, since Summer 1956, I am not given to uttering forecasts which are not proven to be true, and that in a timely fashion.

Amid those current developments then in progress, there was a deadly threat against Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl, from an array led by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's London, joined by France's President François Mitterrand, and U.S. President George H.W. Bush. The terms were, that all of the nations of western and central continental Europe must agree to give up their national sovereignties, to become colonies of London's hellish British Empire.

Those threats delivered against Germany's Chancellor Kohl succeeded. The nations of western and central Europe have now lost their former sovereignties (at least temporarily), and almost the entirety of the trans-Atlantic world, excepting a few nations there, are in a threatened state, and have been on the verge of toppling into the deepest and widest collapse since Europe's Fourteenth-century "New Dark Age."

Actually, that virtual threat of war against the Germany of Chancellor Helmut Kohl, was the threat which was attributed to the regime of Britain's "puppet on money strings," President François Mitterrand, a threat which misled Europe into the choice of either the end of Europe's "world wars," or, the end of Europe, or, as we should recognize today, a combination of both. The effects of what would be the only kind of general warfare which remained possible after the rejection of U.S. President Ronald Reagan's proffer of a thermonuclear defense option, were to become the end of civilization. Should we call it "Armageddon"?

Think back! Had the proposed action by President Ronald Reagan not been blocked, as that was done through London's accomplices sitting in Moscow offices at that time, the problems which so much of the world has suffered for so long, since that time, would have been already buried in the past. Instead, certain ruinous developments have taken over the world's current affairs, especially so in the trans-Atlantic regions. So far, the U.S.A., in particular, has never recovered from the effects of the sudden and deep 1987 recession. At the same time, a virtually dying continental western and central Europe, have given up their sovereignties for the sake of becoming a set of puppet colonies of the British empire under a system of internal chaos called "governance."

So, ever since 1989-1991, the price of peace in continental western and central Europe, has remained submission to the imposition of a doomed arrangement which was to become known as the presently inherently bankrupt "Euro" scheme of what has been named "governance." That aspect of European developments, when combined with the blocking of my July-August 2007 launching of my proposed U.S. Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, had turned out, in the end, to have been the presently onrushing, hyperinflationary threat of the doom of nations on both sides of the Atlantic. The resulting, endlessly hyper-inflationary pile-up of worthless, U.S. self-hyper-inflated debts, is one which neither would, nor could be paid for as long as the British empire's maddened, current puppet, President Barack Obama, remained in power.
A Threat of World War

These issues had already been the set of options which I had foreseen and forecast since Summer and Autumn 1977, onward, options which had been the basis for my personal role in initiating a design for "a strategic nuclear defense" option. From that time through 1983, and implicitly beyond, any warfare involving the U.S.A. and Soviet Union, or Russia now, would be implicitly premised on a thermonuclear option. Such a war, if it came to that, would be the end of civilization as we had known it. That remains the essential background for the menacing state of world affairs presently.

The alternative to the policies of the British imperial puppet-President Barack Obama's remaining in power, is composed, largely, of the following two leading elements of an urgently needed, global strategic policy.

First, now that the British empire has brought the world as a whole onto the thermonuclear verge of World War III, the British empire, although not a sovereign United Kingdom, must be dissolved in fact, that for the benefit of all sane persons concerned. This health-giving benefit must be accomplished through an economic recovery effected through a general reorganization of what is presently, a hopeless, hyper-inflationary bankruptcy of the present configuration of most of the present trans-Atlantic region. The present, London-coordinated monetarist system must therefore be terminated, together with London's American puppet, the Wall Street merchant-banking elements. The present, London-centered submission of the United States, must be ended abruptly, now, by two combined measures, measures which provide the indispensable reform represented by a U.S.A.-initiated credit system. The new system must replace the present, London-coordinated, implicitly imperialist's, monetarist system.
The Remedies at Hand

There can be a prompt, relatively immediate measure for the successful attempt at a general economic recovery from the presently hopeless condition of the trans-Atlantic monetary system of collapse. The remedy for the present bankruptcy of that trans-Atlantic monetarist system, requires the establishment of a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, rather than a continuation of any kind of monetarist system. The bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic monetarist system, is now virtually absolute; that present system can not be sustained in any fashion within its present forms.

At present, the trans-Atlantic monetarist system has reached a degree of absolutely hopeless bankruptcy, such that most of the financial debt of the trans-Atlantic system must be effectively cancelled as a matter of essential, emergency pre-conditions for the possible survival of the indicated nations of the trans-Atlantic system. This corrective measure requires the following sequence of remedial actions. Those actions, if taken as prescribed here now, will be the indispensable immediate reforms without which no physical-economic recovery of those regions of the planet could survive.

FIRST: The Glass-Steagall Law introduced by former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, must be reawakened throughout the relevant nations of the trans-Atlantic region, and beyond. The total segregation of merchant banking accounts from commercial banking and kindred accounts, must eliminate the merchant banking and equivalent accounts. This measure will summarily eliminate the great mass of speculative financial "paper" from the actual obligations of the nation and its commercial banking accounts.

Unfortunately, however, the financial means left over from the purge of gambling debts from the system, will not be sufficient to maintain a recovery of the U.S. economy (for example) from its presently ruined condition. The Glass-Steagall remedy is nonetheless indispensable; but it is not sufficient.

Therefore, there must be a second measure, a measure which must be instituted promptly after the Glass-Steagall measure has been installed.

SECOND: The United States must immediately act to return the nation to the original, Federal constitutional mode of a credit system, in place of a monetarist system.

The restoration of a credit system for the U.S. dollar, comes at a time, now, that the Federal Reserve System has been bankrupted beyond hope, by the measures fostered by Alan Greenspan since the early 1980s. For this urgently needed measure to occur, the United States must return to the original intention of our Federal Constitution, by reversing the improper actions of President Jackson, by establishing the U.S. Treasury Secretary's rescue of our young republic from an impossible condition of seemingly permanent bankruptcy, through the appropriate, actually constitutional provision, of what should be named presently as the Third National Bank of the United States.

The Third National Bank will return Federal practices to the principled, successful rules which had been established in constitutionally based practice for the First and Second National Banks. This Third National Bank will provide the mustering of Federal credit, that uttered in predetermined authorized amounts of credit provided by adopted acts of the U.S. Federal Government, a reform done according to the authorized amounts, terms, and intended use, whether as direct financing of government investment activities through the Third National Bank, or, for authorized loans to approved private enterprises.

The principles employed on behalf of that return to the original intention of the Federal Constitution, will enable us to launch a massive program of an anti-inflationary combination of greatly expanded productive employment from the start. These measures will also provide for the protection of the presently unemployed members of a standard labor-force, aided by such urgently needed environmental improvements as the indispensable launching of great projects such as the NAWAPA program, and the indispensable mass-development of efficient, very high-speed rail and magnetic-levitation states of mass transport of passengers and freight.

The present, trans-Atlantic system of "bail-outs" must be simply obliterated as worthless trash. The proper remedies would be, as I will indicate here, relatively simple, and potentially very effective.

In other words, any attempt to continue the present trans-Atlantic set of monetary systems, such as those of the present International Monetary Fund (IMF), would have entailed the doom of civilization among the nations of that trans-Atlantic region—and, probably, beyond. In fact, so far, it has.

One of the most urgent of the sundry questions which that historical record poses still today, is: "Why did that history, since that time, persist up through the present day?" Or, we might pose a slightly different, but yet to have been adequately stated question: Why and how did the Soviet Union collapse under, in particular, the leaderships of Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachov?

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Chapters: 1) The Role of Empire; 2) The Principle of Physical Time; 3) The Moral Issue

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