Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Obama’s Asia Trip Had Only One Purpose: War on China

The attached report on the Obama drive for war on China during his recent tour of Asia will appear in the next issue of EIR. The introductory paragraphs are included here, with the full article attached. Mike Billington

Obama’s Asia Trip Had Only One Purpose: War on China

by Mike Billington

Nov. 20—The self-imagined Emperor of America
Barack Obama, while planning new wars against Syria
and Iran, which are recognized by a growing number of
international leaders to be a certain spark for global nuclear
war against Russia and China, has completed a
nine-day tour of Asia which served one and only one
purpose: to launch a new strategic confrontation with
China, intended to prepare the world for the coming

The so-called “justifications” for this global confrontation
are as vacuous and deceitful as those used to
launch the wars on Iraq and Libya, or for the proposed
wars on Syria and Iran. It is the British Empire, through
its puppet Obama, which is out to destroy any possible
opposition to the world dictatorship of the bankrupt financial
oligarchy, and to carry out the demands of the
British monarchy to rid the world of its “excess population.”
The huge population of China, and Asia generally,
are a primary target for their genocide.

The Obama tour included both military and economic
confrontation with China; deploying new strategic
U.S. forces in Australia and the Philippines to solidify
a strategic “ring around China”; coercing
Southeast Asian nations to join in a U.S.-guided confrontation
with China over territorial disputes in the
South China Sea; threatening China over the sovereign
control of its currency; and forging an anti-China “free
trade pact” among a “coalition of the willing” in the
Asia-Pacific region.

In the course of three summits of Asia-Pacific nations
over the nine-day period, Obama succeeded in
hijacking the proposed agenda of the majority of the
Asian nations—which focused on the disastrous
global financial-economic crisis in the trans-Atlantic
region and its impact on Asia—imposing instead the
imperial stamp of the lunatic emperor on his subject
[[see attached for full report]]

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