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October 17, 2011
The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. –W. Churchill

There is only one party in America- the Sheeple Party!!! The nation of sheep and MORONS.

Please go watch this three minute video on the interest payments YOU as a taxpayer are paying. It is incomprehensible. Facts like this prove The Much Greater Depression started years ago. It is only three minutes and most informative.

Look at this one year chart of Bank of America. This is typical of not only American banks, but most all European banks as well. $15 to $5 in less than a year with no end in sight. When the banks fail, the country fails. The very biggest banks, J.P. Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs are all, in fact, “bankrupt”!!! What an irony. Bankrupt banks.

Did you know George Bush made his famous New World Order speech on 9/11/90? This is obviously the exact same day and month of 9/11 eleven years later. You can Google this to prove it to yourself if you want. No accidents here. No coincidences. Eleven years ago to the very day, George bragged to the world the neocons were going to institute a New World Order, a One World Government. He bragged about it folks.

Unsubscribe from the National Inflation Association (NIA) videos if you are getting them. They have degenerated into a pitiful pumpanddump operation. Their videos are no good and they have nothing of value to say anymore. Go to and get on their mailing list. Donate if you can. These are good people doing good things. There are really very few good websites to go to. Most all of them are pseudo-conservative sites that will not tell you Ft. Knox is empty, 9/11 was an inside job, silver is the best investment, the Federal Reserve is 100% Zionist owned, our evil wars of aggression in the Mideast are a disgrace, the real national debt is over $100 trillion, or even that the real unemployment figure is 23%.

Take one minute to Google “real national debt”. You will see overwhelming proof the REAL national debt is $100 to $200 trillion dollars. It doesn’t matter! It is unpayable. Run the numbers…even at a “mere” $100 trillion that is $330,000 for every man, woman, child, and baby in America. A family of four owes $1.32 million. If the real national debt is $200 trillion that family would owe $2.64 million. What difference does it make? The total GNP (gross national product) is only $14 trillion. All debts get paid all the time every time, either by the buyer or the seller. The American people will pay this incomprehensible debt in the form of the greatest depression the world has ever seen. We are told by the media the National Debt is only $30 trillion, or some ridiculous figure. Remember the media is just an arm of the government, whose purpose is to misinform you. The only truth you are going to find anymore is on the Internet. Soon that will be censored like it was in China and Australia . Congress is busy trying to censor the Internet already. This is the last bastion of freedom.

Operation Twist will just further ruin the economy. You let the free market set interest rates. The free market always tells you what is real. By raising short term interest rates and lowering long term interest rates this just further destroys the economy. The new “millionaire tax” is obviously a fraud. There are only a tiny handful of people making $200,000+, or couples making $250,000+ a year. You could never get a half trillion dollars in taxes from them with a 5% surcharge. That’s preposterous. THIS IS GOING TO BE A TAX ON EVERYONE WITH A JOB! A tax to support the 50% in this country who pay no taxes at all. A tax to support the 50% who get some kind of government check every month. A perfect Marxist plan from a president who is proud of being a Marxist, and brags about being one. The American sheeple elected a man knowing he was an avowed Marxist. You think this isn’t End Times?

The pseudo-conservatives are pushing Herman Cain as a True Conservative. What a load of crap! Cain is just another worthless neocon who wants to kill everyone in the Mideast , voted for TARP, was a Federal Reserve chairman, endorsed Romney in 2008, and refused to audit the Fed. What a piece of crap. Ron Paul doesn't exist, unless someone wants to criticize him or claim he came in last in some fake poll. Right now it is probably Romney versus Obama in 2012. It doesn't matter folks. The media will decide the election like they always do. The media will decide the president. The media is just the government disinformation agency. It does not matter which puppet is in office, as the same puppet masters remain behind the curtain. There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. There is only one party in America- the Republicrat Party, aka the Sheeple/moron Party. Ron Paul is technically running as a Republican because it is the practical thing to do. Many states have simply taken the Libertarian party off the ballot. Please support Ron Paul as much as you can. Do the right thing. Never vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because that means you are voting for evil.

The Senate is going to pass bill S1619, which will raise taxes on all products shipped from China to “punish” them. It will, in fact, punish all Americans. All taxes are bad taxes! The Chinese won’t pay a penny in taxes here. Americans will pay every bit of it. This especially hurts the poor and retired. We all know how many products we get from China . This insane bill will just raise prices on countless products we buy every day. This will just lower our standard of living. Go to if you want to oppose this bill. They make it easy and idiot proof. Support Downsize DC if you can. They are sincere, honest people who work for freedom. Another good organization is Citizens for Health at You can learn about the NDI proposal to stop supplements and what you can do about it. That’s right, the FDA is going to enact new “dietary guidelines” which will end all your vitamins and supplements. Go there, learn about this, and write and email Margaret Hamburg at the FDA.
This is why you hear all this anti-vitamin propaganda. Vitamin supplements are “dangerous” and “harmful”. Fake studies are used to promote this stupidity. This week it was “vitamin E causes more prostate cancer.” Write and email Margaret if you want to keep taking them.

As goes California , so goes the nation. This has been true for over 150 years now. Governor Moonbeam just signed a bill allowing all school children over 12 to get Gardasil vaccines without parental permission or knowledge. Remember that bringing an aspirin tablet to school (Zero Drug Tolerance Policy) results in expulsion. Any 12 year old boy or girl can get a dangerous, toxic Garasil vaccination and never tell their parents. How much did Merck pay Moonbeam to do this? More than they paid Rick Perry in Texas to mandate Gardasil for all school girls over 12? Now the teachers will have sex education classes and tell the girls (and boys) they must get Gardasil vaccinations to be “safe”. Why not just allow 12 year old children to drive cars, buy guns, drink alcohol, and have sex with adults? This is criminal folks. California is hopelessly bankrupt because the voters chose open immigration and socialism. What happens in California always predicts what will happen in America , and history proves this. America has open immigration, rampant socialism, growing Marxism, and bigger government every day. California is the most bankrupt state in America because of Big Government. It has been legitimately compared to Greece . Watch California go totally down the toilet, and then watch the other 49 states follow. It’s just a matter of time, and not much more time.

We haven't discussed the derivatives nuclear bomb in a while. There are $600 trillion in worldwide derivatives. Remember the entire U.S. Gross National Product is only $14 trillion. This is totally insane of course. We can't even define exactly what a derivative is, and they have never existed on the face of this earth before. Four banks own 96% of the American derivatives- J.P. Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. They are going to go under when these derivatives implode. This may take the rest of the banks down with them. It is just a matter of time; when, not if. Even government shill Warren Buffett warned the $600 trillion derivative time bomb was going to destroy the world economy.

The asinine fairy tale about Iran hiring Mexicans to execute a Saudi official in New York was so ridiculous, so silly, that Fox News (Faux News: we decide what to report) even laughed at it. Alex Jones is a disinformation agent, but still has good things to say. The problem with him is deciding what is true and what is disinformation. He swears America will attack Iran by the end of this month!!!! Israel will get their way as always. This entire anti-Iran insanity is because of Israel . Iran poses no threat to us whatsoever. Iran is a member of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and has no nuclear weapons. They get regular inspections. They have every right to have nuclear energy plants. Israel , on the other hand, refuses to sign the treaty, has never been inspected, and is known to have at least 400 nuclear weapons. Why is this “all right”? The war drums keep beating for Iran . For years now we have warned you this is a very real threat and will result in retaliation that will devastate this country. Our evil wars of aggression are insane, and the American public is so stupid they support them. We will soon run out of money to support them and we will have to stop. American spends 50% of the entire world military budget with only 5% of the world population. We need to close every military base not on U.S. soil, bring home every solider, and cut our military budget a full 80%. Yes, we can and should spend 10% of the entire world military budget, but not 50%. (But those evil muslims might get us.)

It is vital to understand 9/11 was an inside job. You must understand that. If you don’t want to believe it please Google “9/11 fraud”, “9/11 hoax”, or “9/11 inside job”. It has been more than 10 years now, and another fake attack is overdue. This will be blamed on Iran . This will be a suitcase nuke taking out an entire city, or something equally drastic. No more lousy buildings and airplanes. Be prepared in every way you can for something terrible like this to happen. Move out of the city. Have food, water, fuel, firearms, ammunition, a small generator, and all daily needs like soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. This is not a “survivalist” or “doomsday” mentality at all. It is simply common sense to be prepared. This has been the Boy Scout motto for over 100 years. Just be prepared for what is coming. If you take a close look at today you CAN basically see what is going to happen tomorrow. Great events do cast their shadows before them. Just pay attention and you can see what is down the road.

Silver is currently $32. Buy all you can at this price. Silver might fall further from the 17th to the 28th. Buy it now and don’t wait. You must buy bullion and hold it yourself. No paper silver. No storage programs. You must hold the bullion yourself. The best deal is bags of pre-1965 “junk” coins $1,000 face (715 actual ounces) for about $24,000. Many dealers are simply out of silver. Many major dealers like APMEX will take your order and promise delivery next month. That is not a good thing to depend on. Find a dealer who has junk bags in stock. Remember silver is four times better than gold. The silver to gold ratio will fall from 53 to 1 down to the historical, tradition 16 to 1, or even down to 10 to 1. France and Austria have already severely restricted sales of silver and gold for cash. You must use a check, wire transfer, or other means of purchase the government can trace. This will soon increase to other countries. Louisiana has banned all sales of used items for cash. Seriously, you cannot legally have a yard sale anymore. No, I didn’t make that up late at night high on cheap drugs. You have to use a credit card, debit card, or other traceable means of payment. Someone down there lost their mind.

Go to and look at PAC Blasts Obama for Militarism. This is another short three minute video that shows you how insane our wars of aggression in the Mideast are. The actual video is titled Armed Chinese Troops in Texas. This is only three minutes and very well worth watching. Support these people if you can. This is a great Ron Paul website. They now have a TV ad called Plastic Men. A recent Harris Poll revealed Ron Paul would get 51% of the general vote versus 49% to Obama if the election was held today between the two. Yes, the problem is the media wants you to vote for Romney or Perry. The media will decide the candidates and then decide the president. The media elected Obama, not the sheeple. The sheeple don’t thin, they do as they are told without question.

"The Feds want us to be hamsters on a treadmill," says Paul, "working hard, all day long, to pay high taxes, but otherwise entirely docile and controlled. The huge, expensive, and out-of-control leviathan that we call the Federal Government wants to run every single aspect of our lives. I'm in Congress to cut the government: its taxes, its bureaucrats, its spending, and every single unconstitutional action it takes."

See you in November everyone. Buy all the silver you can at $32. Be prepared for what is down the road. Yes, this is End Times. That means America is done, through, finished, kaput, over. The entire earth is now one big Prison Planet for the first time in history. There is no freedom anywhere on earth now. None anywhere. The American standard of living will be cut in half. After 235 year the greatest country in the world will just be another socialist, welfare Big Government backwater- like Canada , Australia , New Zealand , and all of Europe . Pay attention and you can see what tomorrow will bring.

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