Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chemtrails according to Kevin Martin


Chemtrails according to Kevin Martin

I’ve been forecasting the weather for more than 10 years. I’ve seen many things in our sky. Many have asked me why did I turn from debunker to skeptic. Well let me ask you something. If you had a profession that involved an operation you could not talk about — and did. What would happen?

Exactly that. You would be shunned. I’ve lost jobs and even been asked to leave an interview for meteorology positions due to me bringing chemtrails up. Meteorologists know these exist. We know they are increasing. But most meteorologists will not disclose any part of the program. Most work for high end media outlets and their job is on the line. I do not, thus why I go against many weather agencies, even NOAA’s entire arsenal of agencies from Hurricanes, Tornadoes, to even local weather forecasts. I can care less who they are or what they know. I only know that what they know they cannot say.

Over the past 3-4 years I’ve been getting sicker and sicker. I use to get sick once every 2 years on average. This was a good cycle until 2004, where I started to get it yearly. Now I get sick 3-4 times a year, and have chest/heart problems. I mean come on? My age and heart problems? All of a sudden and they have no clue why yet.

My forecasts are excellent for weather many say to me. But I’ve noticed my ability to predict Hurricanes is going down. Why? Because they are being steered or affected in one way or another against traditional climate. This I know, and it is reflecting on a forecasting method I’ve used for years.

So being kicked out of interviews for meteorologist positions, forecast method changing, my health, it all points to one thing. MODIFICATION.

One way or another these chemtrails are used for modification of weather systems. The very reason many get sick more in the Winter in the United States is because the frontal systems are sprayed. Many hundreds of miles ahead of them. The chemicals within the spray are taken down when the storms hit in the form of rain or snow. This is otherwise known as an acid rain. This can most certainly cause health risks on the planet. I stay in most of the time when I forecast chemtrails across Southern California, and most certainly have stopped going out in a storm when I know the chemicals are being rained or snowed down.

HAARP and Chemtrails — Yes. They both are needed. Experiments using the metals in the chemtrail soup is used to aim at areas and bounce signals with HAARP. Heating the upper atmosphere can cause heat transfer otherwise known as wind flow changing. This can disrupt the jet stream of the planet and can be targeted to steer systems in abnormal ways.

Chemtrails are just contrails you say?

You think that just because the trails are the same number as the number of engines that It’s a contrail right? Well think again…

I know this as a plain fact and you can take this as is…

Chemtrail systems are attached right near or under the plane engines. They will mix well with a normal contrail and last much longer. If you think that just because of the number of jet engines show It’s only a contrail than think again. The government powers are smarter than people think and due keep the systems in-line with the number of engines on the plane type they are using. It’s ALWAYS consistant.

How do I know when they will strike? Well I cannot disclose a personal contact that tells me about 33% of upcoming spray operations. However, I can say that the ma with the operation lights on them is of part from the outside information I am receiving. For their safety I will never disclose who he or she is.

So as you know we as meteorologists know our skies. We know exactly what crosses them and when. We must know it. That’s what we track. Years ago I was asked about the trails…”What trails?” and I had to debunk it and send them on their way. This was what I had to do. No more. They exist and you must know about them…

How can we stop this?

Why don’t you help the campaign out. We are gathering our evidence and will run with it as long as possible before shutdown.

The forecasts are 90% accurate. I was asked how accurate they can be. 90% is as best as I can give because NOTHING is 100% They could cancel an operation at a minute’s notice.

Hope this helped you understand the background of what I do, why I changed, and what I know…

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