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Flu Vaccine will be DNA based

Flu Vaccine will be DNA based

June 30, 2009 By: Sharon Category: Emerging Diseases, Pestilence & Disease, Swine Flu, Transhumanism

June 30, 2009

GET READY for your flu shot, everyone. When Obama’s new health care package gains traction, you can bet one of the primary features will be compulsory vaccinations of all participants.

This is especially concerning given the news that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius has just offered $35M to a privately owned company called Protein Sciences to refine its DNA based vaccine against ’swine flu’ (H1N1).

Here’s a disturbing excerpt from the above linked article:

HHS notes, “if this new technology is demonstrated to be safe and effective and the FDA licenses the new technology for flu vaccines, the contract requires the company to …provide a finished vaccine within 12 weeks of pandemic onset and to produce at least 50 million doses of pandemic flu vaccine within six months of pandemic onset.”

Note that it’s the ‘technology’ that will be approved, not the ‘vaccine’. In order to provide a ‘finished vaccine with 12 weeks of pandemic onset’, the DNA-based concoction would have no time to undergo human trials. In other words, you and I will be the guinea pigs.

Also in the news today, another tiny company is making big strides in stocks. Vical, a DNA-based research group (a company that has a licensing agreement with Merck), announced that it has found the golden goose. Vical claims that its H1N1 DNA vaccine is a success in animal trials, and that it can deliver the product quickly through its own trademarked ‘RapidResponse’ technology.

Vical is looking for capital to finance human trials, but with the flu season around the corner, and lots of money on the line, is there really time?

In my second book, The Armageddon Strain, a manufacture H5N1/ebola chimera is set loose in the American southwest. In response to the subsequent epidemic, a new company called BioStrain conveniently steps up with a brand new nanotechnology that involves recombinant DNA. The chip is a killer in more ways than one.

While my book is fiction, the ’swine flu’ pandemic is not. Yes, some claim the infection rates are overblown and that this brand of swine flu is a tempest in a teapot. Whether the severity of the outbreak has been exaggerated makes no difference. If ‘health care’ and/or a state of emergency demand all citizens receive inoculations, then your family and mine will be expected to ‘toe the line’.

Without extensive clinical trials, it’s impossible to know the longterm effects of injecting people with DNA chimeras. However, the implications remind me of Genesis 6. With all the media memes involving transhumanism, is it possible we are being set up to recreate the world of the Watchers?

Generally, I avoid sounding alarm bells, but the notion of an untested recombinant vaccine being forced upon any population chills me to the bone. The tagline of the Armageddon Strain book is ‘Are you ready for your flu shot’? No. No, I’m not. But more importantly, I have to ask: Are you ready for the end of life as we know it?

Are you? Do you know God? Now’s the time to get to know. The last moments of this age are at the very doors. It’s time to pick a side.

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