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Bail-outs and Stumulus Package 1.28.09 (I-N)


Sir Peter Bonnell CJSJ

Jan. 28, 2009

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Articles in this column:

1. The economy.

2. Bail out funds.

3. Waste of Bail-Out funds.

4. Bail-Outs are a scam perpetrated on the American taxpayer and those doing it

should be put in prison. Plus present "Stimulus Package".

5. Social Security is a General not a Private fund and has been raped by Congress.

6. The Vatican and the Jewish Holocaust claims.


THE ECONOMY:: Job Cuts - Home Depot 7,000, Caterpillar 20,000, Sprint 8,000, Dutch Financial 7,000, Pfizer 8,000, GM 1,200 including 800 in Lordstown, OH and has closed 20 plants, 40% of American companies plan cuts in employment, Iceland is bankrupt, Fanny Mae $5 Trillion bailout in 2008, Freddie Mac broke, AIG bailout $85 Billion, Circuit City shut down completely 30,000 employees lost their jobs, Hertz 4,000 jobs lost, G.E Capital will not say how many jobs lost. U.S. home loss $2 Trillion in 2008, bankruptcy filings up 30% in 2008. Bloomberg TV- hedge funds from 10,233 dropped to 3, 200, 8 million mortgage loans will be lost in the next 4 years and then get worse-1out of 10 homes in default NOW. John Thain of S & P wants a $10 Million dollar bonus, AIG executives want millions of taxpayer money in bonuses also Henry Paulson Secretary of Treasury (who's net worth when taking the position was $700 Million) previously with Bear Sterns wanted deregulation of Banks that caused this, market drop 20% in one day, CNN 1/22/09-Job benefits such as unemployment insurance hit a all-time high of 562,586 at this time, a 26 year high last week.


THE $2 TRILLION BAIL-OUT is the amount collected in all income tax in 2007-2008. 2007 income tax collected was $1.2 Trillion, 2008 income tax collected was $850 Billion.

Citi Group $8 Billion in loses, divided into two banks, used $50 Million to buy a 12 seat corporate jet plane. Banks refuse to say where money has gone. Chrysler refuses to give list of major stock holders. Bank of America $2 Billion lost, given a $45 Billion loan, their stock given to the government not to the taxpayer who's money purchased it.


ALL ECONOMY IS BUILT ON PEOPLE BUYING PRODUCTS; Auto companies build cars and trucks: they do not BUY them. Manufacturing companies make products they do not BUY them. Banks make loans they do not buy them; giving them money DOES NOTHING to help the economy. PEOPLE BUY PRODUCTS AND MAKE HOME, CAR AND OTHER LOANS, the TAXPAYERS should be getting this money DIRECTLY based on the income tax they have paid over say the last 5 to 10 years- to buy cars, homes and all other products, including car loans, home loans that save the construction industry, buy insurance, etc. The entire government and both houses of Congress know this is a scam but would rather give this money to those who just put it in their pockets as the Banks did, with NO ACCOUNTABILITY and pay off

congressman and other government officials. All these people should be charged with fraud and grand larceny and sent to prison because it is THEFT of the taxpayer's money and illegal and unconstitutional to give this money to anyone EXCEPT THE TAXPAYER. They cannot give it to these companies and banks any more than they can to the corner gas station or grocery store. Also the government cannot OWN stock the stock belongs to the taxpayer and as PREFERRED STOCK AT TODAYS DEPRECIATED VALUE.


THE $2 TRILLION GIVEN TO THE BANKS in the hands of the taxpayer WOULD SOLVE THE ENTIRE MONITARY AND ECONOMIC CRISIS WE FACE AT THIS TIME AND CONGRESS KNOWS IT….NOT THE NON-PRODUCTIVE –present "Stimulus Package" which does little. Example: It calls for new vehicles for the Federal Gov't., $84 Billion in failed programs now being criticized, and additional $200 Billion to welfare recipients that do not pay income tax or create any jobs, (welfare costs the taxpayer for 48 million families now on welfare approximately $2.5 Trillion per year. This 48 Million includes many that have never worked for generations, add TO THAT the 28 Million illegal aliens already granted amnesty and most on welfare and another 20 Million seeking amnesty which would be another $2 Trillion total cost of welfare) also the package increased welfare Medicaid even though Medicaid pays all medical including dental care and many other things that the people on Social Security do not get in any form under Medicare A & B, yet these people worked all their lives for that given to people on welfare and are left out in the cold. Also Billions in increased Food Stamps, who now get more than the average household workers spend on food, none of this spending on welfare does anything to create jobs. Welfare cost for each family of three is between $60-$70 Thousand per year to the taxpayer. $3 Billion dollars are to be given to National Science Foundation on top of $6 Billion they now receive and reportedly some people working there have now been known to have spent 20% of their time watching pornography on their computers during the work day.

The only people I have heard mention that the money should go to the taxpayer was Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital on Bloomberg TV on 12/2/08,said"the government has no right to give money to any company, it is illegal". Sen. Roland Burris (D-IL) on Fox News-wants money in hands of the people to buy products and end economic problem.


SOCIAL SECURITY IS A GENERAL FUND used to pay welfare, the Military Complex and anything congress wishes to spend it on. It would be the richest fund in the world if it were a private fund and be worth more than many countries if the money taken from it over the years were paid back into it and double that amount if interest was paid also. ALL CITIZENS SHOULD DEMAND SOCIAL SECURITY SHOULD BE MADE A PRIVATE FUND AND START PAYING IT BACK.


FINALLY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH has stopped somewhat from being "Politically Correct" again as they and the International Red Cross did just after WWII when they both signed statements that although they were allowed in the German internment camps all throughout WWII that housed communists in Germany that there were never any so called "Gas Ovens". Actually there never were anywhere near 6 million Jews in Germany or all its occupied territory nor from 1938 thru the end of the war in Germany on May 8, 1945, in fact there were less than 1 million Jews in all of Germany and most left to other countries after Hitler took over and started to incarcerate all communists. There are some 241,000 Jews missing and most had been sent to Madagascar by Hitler or fled to other countries such as the Soviet Union, England, United States, etc., others died of disease, allied bombing of Germany, shot for shooting Germans as part of "communist resistance movements" such as the "French Resistance" and others who claimed to have killed 250,000 German military.

In all my studies for 25 years I have never seen a picture of a starving prisoner with a German soldier in it: but the voice on the Jewish controlled TV is telling you this was under the Germans.

Every Soviet prisoner that was in the camps was sent by the Soviets to Siberia in the Soviet Union or shot claiming they were traitors for surrendering even though many of them were wounded and had no choice.

Historians realize that when the Jews in early 1946 decided to spread the "Gas Oven" and "6 million gassed" theory to gain world support and world sorrow for them and be able to extort millions of dollars by it; could not allow prisoners who were in the camps to disclaim the "Gas Oven Theory" Spotlight newspaper in Washington D.C. for years every week printed the names of living Jews that the Soviets and Jewish agencies claimed to have been gassed.

All the supposed gas ovens just happen to be in the Soviet sector. (All of the Soviet Union was Jewish controlled under communism starting with Lenin-all communism was started and run by Zionist Jews since its beginning, all over the world where it exists: take them out of communism and there is none. Zionist Judaism and communism are synonymous). In addition, if you read any American magazine, Time, Life, Look, that were the big ones at that time, from the end of the war in Germany, May 8, 1945 thru the end of 1945 (7 months) when all these magazine reporters were in Germany and the internment camps you cannot find ANY mention of "Gas Ovens" in any of them. The first mention to my knowledge was Feb. 1946 and by the Soviets and in only the Soviet sector.

Now many of the politically astute Catholic's who left the church may return now that the church is allowing the truth to be expressed again.

Perhaps now Priests and many patriotic Protestant Ministers also will read John 8:23 thru 44 from the pulpit where JESUS speaks to the Jews (Pharisees)-those we call Jews today are Pharisees and tells us they are the devils on this earth.

Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian-Researcher-Scholar, From "Common Sense" P 2-1-53 and 5-1-59:"This big lie" technique is brainwashing United States Christian into believing that JESUS CHRIST was "King of the Jews", in the sense that so-called "Jews" today call themselves "Jews". This reference was first made in English translation of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews high-jacked the word Jew in the 18th A.D. century to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with JESUS CHRIST. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called "Jews" of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable."

The first time jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in 2nd Kings 16:6(and then only

in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war

with the jews and drove the jews from Elath . END

Claiming the Jews are the "Chosen People" is false… the Israelites are the chosen people who are not Jews but the Christians of today. Also in this writing of John mentioned above the Pharisees admit they cannot be the Israelites as in John 8:33 they say "and were never in bondage to any man". Everyone knows that the Israelites were in captivity in Egypt and Moses lead them out of captivity. The Israelites then went to what is now known as Europe and settled there.

These people were Caucasian and the Pharisees where mainly gypsies (mixture of Finn &Turk)"Khazar's" of the Khazar Empire of Eastern Europe which converted to Judaism which is the 13th Tribe mainly wiped out by Genghis Khan and those that were not migrated to Poland and formed Western Jewry.

What's the connection…the Federal Reserve is a private corporation not in anyway controlled by the government, it and practically every Bank, Insurance & Oil Companies, TV & Radio station, Hollywood, Major Newspaper and News Magazine, Radio, Military Complex. Large Corporations including the Auto Industries are all owned and controlled by these international Zionist Jews who do not believe in GOD or a after life. Are you starting to get the picture? I realize this is different than you have heard for years, but don't take my word for it, check it out!!

*Sir Peter Bonnell is an American who was Knighted in 1977 for "an outstanding fight against world communism". He was promoted to Commander & Brig. Gen. in 1978, served as Ambassador 1978 - 1980, appointed as Chairman of the Ohio Governor's Export Council to Central America in 1982 and also raised and delivered free medical supplies to those fighting the communists in Nicaragua during that time. His political writings are distributed to news services in the U. S. and other countries.

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