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9/11 and the "black boxes"

Wayne Madsen Report

March 27, 2008

According to the 9/11 Commission Report, which is now known to have been an exercise in obfuscation and creative writing, the cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders, or "black boxes" (in fact, they are bright orange) from American Airlines Flight 11 and United Flight 175 were never found in the rubble of the World Trade Center at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

That conclusion, according to knowledgeable sources involved in the debris recovery operations at the Fresh Kills land fill on Staten Island, is only partially correct. In fact, the sources claim that the black boxes were recovered from World Trade Center debris that was removed by barges from Manhattan to Fresh Kills.

WMR has learned that the security firm Kroll Associates, which was responsible for the security of the World Trade Center on 9/11 and had hired FBI top counter-terrorism agent John O'Neill as the Director of World Trade Center security upon his retirement from the FBI, worked its way into the Fresh Kills recovery operations. Among the lead companies involved with the Fresh Kills operations were the engineering firm Phillips and Johnson, Inc. and two British firms, Asset Management and Engineering Consultancy (AMEC) and Bovis Lend Lease. O'Neill, who uncovered a number of links between "Al Qaeda" and the Saudis and other interests, died in the World Trade Center collapse.

However, in union-centric Staten Island, unionized workers at Fresh Kills, including some who worked for Phillips and Johnson, soon began noticing the presence of non-union and previously unknown crane operators at the recovery site. WMR's sources have told us that the crane operators worked for Kroll and were specifically tasked with recovering the black boxes from Flights 11 and 175. WMR has learned that the black boxes were, in fact, recovered from Fresh Kills and have been kept under lock and key by the FBI ever since. The units may yield information that could prove embarrassing for a Bush administration that insists that Arabs with box cutters took over the passenger jets and piloted them through crowded airspace into direct hits on the twin towers.

The CEO of Kroll on 9/11 was Michael Cherkasky, a one-time chief of investigation for Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. Cherkasky investigated the 1993 World Trade Center bombings and worked closely with two federal prosecutors on the case, Patrick Fitzgerald and Michael Chertoff. Cherkasky also investigated the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the bank that the CIA and Reagan-Bush administration used to fund Afghan Mujaheddin elements against the Soviets. Among the recipients of the largess was Osama Bin Laden.

The insurance firm Marsh & McLennan bought Kroll in 2004 and Cherkasky, a close friend of and campaign contributor for recently-resigned New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, became the CEO of Marsh, edging out Jeffrey Greenberg as CEO. Greenberg is the son of Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, who Spitzer targeted in his investigation of Greenberg's America International Group (AIG). Evan Greenberg, Hank's brother, ran Ace, Inc., also targeted by Spitzer in a civil lawsuit for insurance fraud.

WMR has learned from sources involved with the Fresh Kills recovery operations that the take down of the World Trade Center North and South Towers, as well as Building 7, were the result of an operation that wired the buildings with explosives, ensuring their total destruction. The Ground Zero crime scene was massively interfered with by a cabal of individuals, including New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, and Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein. Silverstein ordered the "pull down" of Building 7.

Spitzer, while not a co-conspirator in the World Trade Center operation, apparently knows enough about it to have been thought of as dangerous to the parties involved in the take down. For that reason, Spitzer's activities with Emperors Club VIP prostitutes was made public after he began making noise about investigating the financial activities surrounding 9/11. The conspirators decided that it was time to end Spitzer's political career and his continuation as Governor of New York.

Unknown crane operators showed up at Fresh Kills recovery site [below] to look for "black boxes":

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fasciphobiate (Baltimore)

Should the Gallows be placed next to the Area where the Pentagon

was hit or at ground Zero New York?

liberty antigone (?)
my intuition tells me that Spitzer was not okay with the coming Iran attack by Cheney=Bushco. or some coming false flag that Bushco. intends to use to claim sweeping martial law that his family so desperately needs if Obama looks close to winning the presidency.

If Cheney is, as I suspect, running around threatening world leaders with this major coverup scheme of his and the NEW WORLD ORDER clan of the cave bear, and Spitzer balked at yet another 9-11 scheme with even broader implications for democracy in the USA, then he might have agreed to being exposed. His editorial revealing the White House collusion in viscious lending practices that undermine our whole economic structure was a way for him to declare he was out of the game, losing his chips in a decent way.

For what is whoredom in Washington or any politics but the normal way to power and reelection? What politican is not sold out already before election?

The thing is, if Spitzer agreed to everything, including 9-11 lies and the death of 3000 in that event, and the death of a million or more in Iraq for Bushco. oil profits, and Halliburton-Bechtel GE Westinghouse, etc., etc., etc., profits, what was it he didn't agree to and got out of the game looking like only a whoreman? I guess something pretty darned big.

Maybe Bushco. Cheney New World Order taskmasters have decided to go for the big martial law? Maybe they are really going to pull a horrendous false flag that will start WW3 and really bring in the profits of money, power and the end of questioning we the people, and show they have been listening to everyone's email, phones as in 1984? What if we are all George in the Orwell book?

liberty antigone (?)

watch and share with friends and popcorn...discussion afterwards..

One Actor, One Room, Seven Characters: 9/11.

Traumatized by the September 11th attacks, one man struggles to dismantle official history, ... one hour forty minutes, a bit slow and confusing at first, but watch whole piece. Hint: Kroll plays a part here.....

WHO KILLED JOHN ONEIL? the blog and video here

Mary Mueller (Greenbelt, MD)
liberty, Kait had an interesting partial explanation of Spitzer's role--he simply wrote the amicus brief for Silverstein's double WTC claim because he was really sticking it to corrupt AIG through Silverstein's claim. Perhaps, Spitzer wasn't seeing the big 9/11-inside job picture and how Silverstein, AIG, Giuliani, the Bushes, Cheneys and the Carlyle Group were all in it TOGETHER?? The New York Post has just connected a separate hot hooker/madam to Spitzer.

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